9 Reasons To Give a Star Map As A Birthday Gift

December 5, 2023
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1. It's a unique gift and can't be found in stores

Star maps are one of a kind creations that you won't find in stores. It's definitely not something you can just pick up off the shelf and hundreds of other people will have the same exact thing. Instead star maps are customized to the person you're giving it to.

2. No two star maps are the same

Just like your birthday, star maps are all unique. No two people have the same exact constellation map and one of a kind design because when you're creating it you get to choose the style, the color, the location, date and unique message.

3. Star Maps are easy to create

Twinkle In Time uses amazing software that makes creating star maps super simple even if you're not particularly gifted in the arts or with technology. All you need to do is follow the steps in the star map creator on the TwinkleInTime website and fill in the fields. You'll even be shown a preview of exactly what your star map will look like as you're creating it.

4. It's a gift they will love and treasure forever

Once you've created your star map, it's printed on beautiful high quality matte paper and if you chose to add a frame it will be framed with the utmost care. You will be updated as your order moves through the process including shipping from start to finish so you always know the status of your order. You can even have it shipped direct to the recipient if you choose.

5. The stars are always there, even on cloudy nights

Even if on the night they were born, it was cloudy, that doesn't mean the stars weren't there. The stars were always there, but with a star map they will always be able to see the exact stars and constellations from that night.

6. They make great decoration for any home and any room

They are beautiful to look at. They frame nicely and make a lovely addition to any wall in any room of the house. It's stylish and can match any home decor.

Once framed, the star map becomes a piece of art that is there to enjoy and cherish forever. Every time they walk by them, they will remember their birthday or special event and become mesmerized all over again at the miracle of our universe above them.

7. Kids love them because they'll enjoy looking at and trying to identify the constellations that they were born under.

Star maps are perfect for a kids bedroom because they'll love being able to identify all the constellations. Not only is it educational but they'll be able to look at their own star map and see the same constellations that adorn our night sky.

Kids love things related to space, stars and planets so this will make a great addition to their bedroom wall. A lot of kids rooms have posters on them or glow in the dark stars on their ceilings.

8. It's a great way to show someone how much you care about them with a super sentimental and personal gift .

It's a great alternative to get around generic gifts such as socks, flowers, ties, scarves.

A star map is a wholesome gift that anyone would appreciate especially if they're an astronomy buff or just enjoy looking at the stars.

9. It's for people of all ages - it doesn't matter if they're 8 years old or 88 years old; everyone will enjoy being able to see the stars from the night that they were born. 

No matter how old someone is everyone loves looking at the stars. There's a mystery and beauty to them that hold a special meaning to everyone. That's why Star Maps make such a beautiful birthday gift, because they remind them of the magic from the day they were welcomed into the world.

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"I wanted to surprise my husband with a star map of when we were married. He was so pleased with it, he cried tears of enjoyment! I think it’s better than the picture shows. Absolutely beautiful!"

- Ellen H.

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