Why Star Maps Are the Perfect Way to Show Your Love During the Pandemic

February 28, 2024
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It's during the toughest times, when we look for more ways to show our love. 
And sometimes a gift needs to be more than just a gift.

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has upended every aspect of our lives. It has socially distanced us from friends, family, and all the special people in our lives.

In a year of uncertainty, show your loved ones how much you care by gifting them a customized TwinkleInTime star map that they'll treasure for years to come.

Remember how the beginning of the pandemic felt? Scary, uncertain, and more than a little confusing. In fact, we can probably agree that it still feels pretty scary and confusing, right? There’s a lot of chaos around us, but if 2020 has taught us anything, it's to cherish the time we have together, take nothing for granted, and make sure our loved ones know they're always in our hearts.

So why not show how you feel with a TwinkleInTime star map? It’s the perfect gift to reflect the deep and enduring love we have for the special people around us. A star map isn’t just constellations; it’s a meaningful moment in time, forever commemorated as beautiful art you can feature in any home.

As gifts go, it’s personal, custom and absolutely unforgettable.

When lockdown began, we were unsure of just about everything. How to work from home, when our kids would be back in school, and even where we’d get our next roll of toilet paper. But week by week, we’ve navigated these obstacles together, and slowly but surely, the uncertainty and fear have given way to moments of love, joy, and hope.

Around the world, we’ve heard stories of families and friends reconnecting online, old flames finding each other after decades apart, and entire communities coming together to support their neighbors.

Even more amazingly, we’ve realized that life doesn’t come to a halt just because we’re locked down! There have been babies born, anniversaries celebrated, virtual proms or graduations, and of course, the quarantine birthday parties! The world may have stopped, but we’ve kept living, and a customized map of the stars is the perfect way to celebrate your special moments.

Of course, there will be more to come. Thanksgiving celebrations, Christmas gifts, and maybe even Valentine’s Day presents as we move through the first holiday season of our “new normal.” Voicing our love, appreciation, and compassion for people in our lives has not only brought us closer together but also helped us fight against some of those feelings of fear and uncertainty.

Collectively, the world is learning the importance of staying connected to the cherished people in our lives. Customized star maps afford unique opportunities to create lasting gifts that are attached to a memory, event, or person so you can both cherish them forever.

Captured in the stars, we can celebrate and remember loved ones, precious moments, and important places. More than just a gift, it's a memory we can refer to, talk about, and re-live for generations to come. Remembering the time we were separated by hardship, but together under the stars.

Suggested messages:

  • Although we are apart, look up and know we are always under the same stars.
  • The world may have stopped, but we kept making memories. You are my brightest star.
  • We may have been separated but you are always in my heart. Just look up and know we are together.

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"I wanted to surprise my husband with a star map of when we were married. He was so pleased with it, he cried tears of enjoyment! I think it’s better than the picture shows. Absolutely beautiful!"

- Ellen H.

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